phpEasyMin is a tool for minimizing multiple JavaScript and CSS files at a time allowing you to quickly and easily improve the page speed of your projects. Download phpEasyMin now.



  • Minimize JavaScript and CSS files
  • Check for JavaScript errors using Google's Closure Compiler
  • Check for PHP errors using PHP Lint
  • Analyze PHP code
  • Combine multiple files into one
  • Automated package compression

About Minimizing

Minimizing isn't the same thing as compression, but it is just as important if you want to reduce your bandwidth and increase the speed of your websites. Minimizing is the process of removing all unnecessary text from your code. This primarily means removing white-space and comments, but it can also involve re-writing code. For example, while minimizing Javascript, the TRUE and FALSE constants are rewritten to !0 and !1.

The savings of two or three characters is small, but repeated multiple times and combined with other optimizations, reductions of over 50% in file sizes are not uncommon. Minimizing the Javascript from the jQuery project takes their unminimized code from around 230 KB to under 90 KB. That's a file size reduction of over 60%!

Minimizing Process in phpEasyMin

Tell phpEasyMin the directory of your code and it will copy all of the files to a new location while minimizing all the CSS and JavaScript files it finds. It's that simple.

If you're the developer of an open source project, use phpEasyMin before creating a downloadable package for your users to give them an optimized version of your code.

If you're working on a dynamic website with multiple CSS and JavaScript files, use phpEasyMin before uploading your files.

phpEasyMin Options

Ignore File Types
Tell phpEasyMin to ignore file types while it's copying your source directory. This can be used to ignore large production only filetypes like .psd or .xcf that may be in your working directory.

Ignore Prefixes
Similar to the Ignore File Types, except this looks at the beginning of each file name. Set it to "dev_" and the copy process will skip over the appropriate files.


  • php 4.3
  • Internet Connection


phpEasyMin is brought to you by the makers of gpEasy CMS, a small and very easy to use CMS that features True WYSIWYG.

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